Debt into Wealth - Do Not Miss The Cancellation Date!

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I missed my cancellation date by one week, mainly because I was out of town on business.When I called to request the return cancellation number I was told I had missed the 30-day deadline to return!

They had already begun charging my credit card. The consolation I received was a $100 discount if I paid off the entire deal. I strongly recommend against using Debt to Wealth program without first going to the library. The customer service representative, Nicki, was unable or unwilling to help me.

Now that I've paid for the system, I will use it, but reluctantly.rg, Indiana

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Debt into Wealth - John Cummuta is a scam

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You call for their free CD which you pay shipping and handling charges, hey that's only fair.Then they send you a bill for $400 and say you asked for it.

*** of the earth, Stay away. I will let their advertisers know. I called to let them know I only wanted the tape advertised and I received this whole package. I called them back and they stated it's ok, that is what we send and the tape you requested is in the package.

Buy the time I got to listen to the tape they bill you for the $400.Total scam and WABC radio needs to know.

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The same as with a fellow commenter, I requested the "free CD", and gave a credit card acct # to charge the S&H.

In return they sent a package I did not request, and got charged an installment on that credit card (total charges = $500), for something I did not order or want.

In essence, the program is the same as David Bach's simpler "DOLP" system, but his is free with only the purchase of his book!


Yeah, you send for the free cd and you get this whole package.I was interested in the package only to be told that it would cost 350.00 now I find out that it is 500.00.

What a scam. I tried to call and talk to them only to be hung up on or lied to again and again.

I will be telling everyone I come in contact with what a scam this is.:(

Debt into Wealth - J Comutta-TDIW

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Don't do it-$500+ dollars for a common sense approach to finance is not worth it in my book-Free disk? Sure along with his whole system(all 10 or 12 discs)shipped right to my door step(not what I asked for)and to return it, if you can, you will have to deal with the idiots at New World Media in Chicago! John's crack team of high-school dropouts posing as telemarketers that are not only rude on the phone but downright ignorant-the further you stay away from all of this the better-check other posts-all of the negative is there for a reason

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #615923

I agree with both points.Yes, parts of it are simplistic and common sense, but there are other points that aren't so common sense.

And with anything in life, you can just read the information and do nothing with it or you can IMPLEMENT it and get results.

I personally did the implementation part and saw SIGNIFICANT results.I went to the and sites as well and it appears that this guy is genuine.


It is a common sense approach to getting out of debt but remember far too many people lack "common sense." It's not worth the cost, but i'd argue it can be worth the 30 day free review to get you motivated and refresh the common sense that has been flushed by the coalition of four and keeping up with Jones.

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